Apps: HBO Go 2.1, Injustice, Springpad 4.0 + Tempo 1.0.5


HBO Go (free) from Home Box Office, Inc. has been updated to version 2.1. The app, which lets HBO subscribers stream episodes on mobile devices, now features AirPlay multitasking capability. Now users can stream HBO video to AirPlay while continuing to use other apps on their iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. Additionally, interactive features for the app’s Game of Thrones experience have been enhanced.

Apps: HBO Go 2.1, Injustice, Springpad 4.0 + Tempo 1.0.5

Warner Bros. has brought Injustice: Gods Among Us (free) to iOS before its console launch in a few weeks. The freemium fighting game features your favorite DC characters, from Superman to Batman to The Flash and many others. Users can add collectible cards to their roster to unlock characters, moves, and powers. The fighting is three-on-three tag team action, similar to the more recent Marvel vs. Capcom games. Touchscreen controls enable special moves and combos, though those used to duking it out in console games may find the gameplay a bit awkward. Notably, the game features cross-platform functionality — items can be unlocked in the console version for use in the mobile game, and vice versa.
Springpad (free) by Spring Partners is an Evernote-esque productivity app that lets users save anything from anywhere. Version 4.0 has been redesigned for simplified navigation. It’s now easier to access the “My Springs” section, and search has been enhanced. All of a user’s notebooks can now be followed on one screen, as well.


Tempo AI’s Tempo Smart Calendar (free) has updated to version 1.0.5, and it now offers multiple-device login support, to sign in from any iOS device. Customization has also improved, as users can now start their calendar weeks on Sunday or Monday, and temperature can be displayed in Fahrenheit or Celsius. A number of bug fixes and improvements have been made, as well. Also, the app is now available in Canada. Note: the Tempo app currently has a reservation line.

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