Infinity Blade III ($7) from Chair Entertainment Group has upgraded to version 1.1, bringing gamers Infinity Blade III: Soul Hunter. A new quest, location, and enemy await players on their journey to find the missing Infinity Weapons. More than a dozen new items have been added, and a new explore feature lets players return to unlocked areas to grab loot and boost XP. Those playing through Infinity Blade III a second time after beating the game will now be able to skip cinema scenes, credits, and the tutorial. Support and optimization have been added for the iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina display.

Apps: Infinity Blade III 1.1, My Little Pony, Paint and Play + Pet Bingo

PlayDate Digital’s My Little Pony: Party of One ($3) is an interactive iPad storybook app that uses the ponies to teach reading and vocabulary. Social skills are also a big part of the app as Pinkie Pie looks for friends to attend her party. All the popular characters are included, and the app’s content is aimed at children — primarily little girls.


Mundomono’s new Paint and Play with the Bean Bag Kids ($1) lets children create and paint the blobby, semi-formed blank slates known as Bean Bag Kids. Painting the characters is the main element of the app, but games and puzzles are also included.



Pet Bingo ($2) is a math-oriented app that gets kids to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division alongside “pets” — or at least, things that look like they might be pets on another planet. Developer Duck Duck Moose claims its app is suitable for ages 4-10, as multiple levels of math are included; we found that the initial interface and math content were a bit over the head of a 5-year-old without parental assistance. Parents and teachers can monitor progress through the included Report Card section.


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