Apps: Jetpack Joyride 1.6, The Lonely Beast 123, LoryStripes + Shazam 7.2

Jetpack Joyride (free), the popular endless runner from Halfbrick Studios has updated to version 1.6 with a number of new features. Strong Arm Machine or S.A.M. mode turns the protagonist, Barry Steakfries, into a giant robot. Using S.A.M. five days in a row will unlock exclusive outfits — 16 new costumes in all. For a limited time, players can buy The Sleigh of Awesome, which is powered by rocket-powered robotic reindeer, as a $5 in-app purchase.

James Kelleher’s Lonely Beast is back in The Lonely Beast 123 ($2), a counting app for kids. The big beast spends his days counting everything in his house, from 1 to 12. Mildly interactive scenes await children, who can listen to a voiceover by The Lonely Beast author Chris Judge. The app promises no in-app purchases, no third-party advertising, and no social media, making it a safe experience for youngsters; light tapping on screens activates voices and small animations.


Pixite’s LoryStripes ($2) is an interesting new photo effects app. The app enables users to add ribbons and lines to any existing photo. Features include 40 different stripes, 120 stripe styles, and 62 different colors, allowing for considerably customization. Stripes can be layered and weaved throughout different elements in the photo, using 3-D effects to twist the shapes into proper perspective for your images. Though it’s not for everyone, some will certainly appreciate the unique visuals LoryStripes creates.



Shazam has updated to version 7.2. The free app now lets users connect with Rdio to add Shazam tracks to a Rdio playlist. Sharing Shazam tags now adds large cover art to tracks and links to Among fixes within the update, YouTube video playback for iPad has been restored.

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