Apps: Kindle 3.9, Prince of Persia, Riptide GP2 + Yahoo! Fantasy Football 5.0

Amazon has just released version 3.9 of its free Kindle app. The app now allows for a free sample search — using the existing Library Search, customers can now search books and download free samples from within the app. Also notable in the new update is the ability to use previously purchased dictionaries or translation references to look up word definitions in other books. Accessibility gestures for blind and visually impaired customers have also been added for quick reference, and the new Instant Cover Loader displays book covers quickly.

Apps: Kindle 3.9, Prince of Persia, Riptide GP2 + Yahoo! Fantasy Football 5.0

Prince of Persia: The Shadow and the Flame ($3) from Ubisoft brings a new chapter to the classic Prince of Persia series, which has continued its evolution following film adaptations. The new iOS Prince of Persia features a 14-level single player side-scrolling adventure, including fully polygonal, detailed artwork for the levels, and a brand new combat system with combos and new weapons. Prince of Persia’s gameplay allows users to choose between a virtual joystick or gesture-based touch controls, with all of the classic jumping, running, ducking, climbing, and attacking options fans would expect.
Vector Unit’s Riptide GP2 ($3) is the wave racing sequel to Riptide. Riptide GP2 features online multi-player, upgradeable hydro jets and riders, a new stunt system with 25 new tricks, and an all-new career mode.

The game’s updated graphics are extremely impressive — powered by the Vector Engine 4, Riptide GP2 is optimized for Retina displays, and nicely fuses futuristic Wipeout-style backdrops with realistic-looking water and vehicles.


Yahoo! has updated its Yahoo! Fantasy Sports — Football (free) app to version 5.0 for the 2013 season. The completely redesigned app has added the much-demanded feature of being able to draft from your iPhone or iPad. Mock drafts are another big feature, as managers can drop into any available spots in live mock drafts to practice draft strategies and see which players they can grab.