Apps: Mickey Mouse: Mash-Up, Tomb Raider, UltraTuner + Yahoo Weather 1.5

Disney’s Mickey Mouse: Mash-Up ($4) lets children participate in the “making” of a Mickey Mouse cartoon. Kids can draw a handful of objects that can appear in the short cartoon, which is titled “No Service!” You can then watch your creations appear and interact with them, including scenes in which Mickey and Donald Duck swap clothes, and Mickey has to hide behind objects you’ve created. Timeless and deliberately silly, the Mash-Up app is good as-is, but could really benefit from additional shorts for kids to play with.

The classic 3-D adventure and shooting game Tomb Raider ($1) from Eidos/Square Enix is now available in the App Store. Interestingly, it’s being billed as Tomb Raider I, which suggests that the sequel will be available at some point. The full game from 1996 is included, in addition to two extra “Unfinished Business” chapters included in the 1998 Tomb Raider Gold re-release. Tomb Raider supports iOS game controllers, as well as on-screen input, though the controls remain as dicey as they were decades ago.


UltraTuner ($5) from IK Multimedia is a new instrument tuning app. IK Multimedia claims the app is precise to a level beyond human perception of pitch, and 10 times more accurate than a mechanical strobe tuner. Stage mode lets users tune instruments using a straightforward, simple interface, while studio mode offers wave visualization. In our limited testing, we found the app’s results to be impressive.



Yahoo’s Yahoo Weather (free) app has updated to version 1.5 with a brand new layout and design for iPad. One of the better-looking weather apps out there, everything has been optimized for the iPad’s larger screen, enabling you to see hourly temperature and precipitation forecasts using handy charts. Interactive and transitional animations are also included while viewing the forecasts for multiple cities. iPad users who like Apple’s iPhone/iPod touch-only iOS 7 Weather app will find this to be an ideal free tablet alternative.

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