Apps of the Week: Overcast, Ingress, Endless Numbers 1.2 + more

New Apps

Apps of the Week: Overcast, Ingress, Endless Numbers 1.2 + more

Google Analytics (free) — Google has released a new Google Analytics app that allows users to access their web and app data from an iOS device. For those not in the know, Google Analytics is a popular service that offers website owners detailed site traffic statistics. The app offers Real Time reports, which lets users monitor recent changes.

Overcast: Podcast Player (free) — There is no shortage of thoughtfully designed podcast apps made to replace Apple’s own app, which has been through many ups and downs since it was released. The latest, and perhaps most hotly anticipated, is Marco Arment’s Overcast. The app is currently iPhone-only, available as a free download. It’s fully usable as-is, although a $5 in-app purchase unlocks a number of features that enhance the experience, such as cellular downloads, a sleep timer, and unlimited playlists. The key features that help differentiate this one from the others on the market, apart from aesthetic design, are both audio engineering tricks that get unlocked when you spend the money. Smart Speed is a really cool tool; rather than increasing the speed of the podcast and making the speakers sound like chipmunks, it’s able to detect gaps and edit out the silence, saving you time in listening.

Voice Boost does just what its name says, making it easier to listen to podcasts in cars or other environments where there’s background noise, without having to pump up the volume. Both Smart Speed and Voice Boost can be used for five minutes at a time before you decide to buy.

New Games

daWindci Deluxe ($3) — Mimimi Productions has released a new version of its popular, Apple Design Award winning daWindci game with daWindci Deluxe. The upgraded game — in which players paint wind, hurricanes, and lightning on screen to guide a hot air balloon through levels — now features full Retina support and new wind drawing mechanics. All new particle effects, crisper textures, and post effect shaders have also been added to the game. Considering the original daWindci is still $4, this is the one you want.
Guardians of the Galaxy: The Universal Weapon ($5) — Marvel Entertainment’s new game Guardians of the Galaxy: The Universal Weapon hits the App Store weeks before the upcoming film. A realtime strategic fighting game, GotG offers zero in-app purchases. Players can unlock, upgrade and control 25 characters. More than 60 levels are available in Story Mode, while an additional Arena Mode lets users play as the villains, as well.

Apps of the Week: Overcast, Ingress, Endless Numbers 1.2 + more

Ingress (free) — Google’s popular Ingress, which has long been played by Android users, has finally come to iOS. A free game, Ingress uses the real world as its map — players join either The Enlightened or The Resistance in a battle to capture territory and tap into the energy that exists at the heart of the game. Ingress players are all over the globe, and the game is a fun way of combining actual activity with an online sci-fi game — but some may not want Google tracking their every move.


Endless Numbers (free) — Originator’s Endless Numbers children’s learning app has updated to version 1.2. The new update brings a $10 in-app purchase that lets kids explore numbers 26-100. That follows a starter pack of in-app purchase for $5; all numbers can now be purchased for $12. While we’ve always been a big fan of Originator’s funny, clever, smart apps for kids — and Endless Numbers is no exception — $10 is a steep price to pay for another IAP. We’d recommend it for children who already love the app and can learn those numbers, but otherwise we’d probably steer clear.

Apps of the Week: Overcast, Ingress, Endless Numbers 1.2 + more

Google Wallet (free) — The updated Google Wallet app — version 2.0.16011.10356 — lets users digitize gift cards, and then track balances within the app.