Apps of the Week: Sago Mini Friends, Champ Man 15, Yelp 8.2 + more

New Apps

Apps of the Week: Sago Mini Friends, Champ Man 15, Yelp 8.2 + more

Hanx Writer (free) — Hanx Writer from is a new writing app designed to mimic the experience of a typewriter on an iPad. Also, it was created by actor and noted typewriter aficionado Tom Hanks. Documents can be emailed, printed, and shared like any other, except that writing them will give you all the sounds and animations of a traditional typewriter. The app offers use of the Hanx Prime Select typewriter for free, and users can make in-app purchases to use different “typewriters.”

Sago Mini Friends ($3) — Sago Sago’s newest childrens’ app is Sago Mini Friends. It features characters from a few of the developer’s other games. Kids pick from one of five friendly animals, and visit the homes of the other characters to participate in very simple mini games. For those familiar with Toca Boca’s exploration apps such as Toca Town or Toca House, think of Sago Mini Friends as a more basic version of those, but for younger children.
Apps of the Week: Sago Mini Friends, Champ Man 15, Yelp 8.2 + more

New Games

Champ Man 15 (free) — Square Enix’s Champ Man 15 — Champ Man is short for Championship Manager — is a soccer simulation management game. Those familiar with Football Manager will have an idea of what to expect, as the two games do have a shared history.

It’s a hardcore sim, so don’t expect to be controlling your players running up and down the field. You’ll be controlling team funds, tactics, signings, and other aspects of management. Real players and teams are included. Champ Man 15 is freemium, so keep in mind that without making a purchase, you won’t be able to control some of the major teams until you progress in the game.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney — Dual Destinies (free) — Released just last year for Nintendo 3DS, Capcom’s Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney is the newest game in the series to come to iOS. Gamers play as Wright, a defense attorney working to acquit his clients. The gameplay fluctuates between crime scene investigation and courtroom debate — Wright does it all. If you’re not familiar with the series, Dual Destinies is as good a starting point as any to give this original, entertaining franchise a try.

The first episode in the game is free, with four more episodes available for individual purchase or as a set.

Sentinel 4: Dark Star ($5) — Some fans of tower defense games are likely excited over the release of Origin8’s Sentinel 4: Dark Star. It’s the sequel to the well-received Sentinel 3: Homeworld, which was first released more than three years ago. The newest installment features improved graphics, new and returning enemies, and a campaign with 26 maps. If you liked the previous Sentinel games, you’ll probably enjoy this as well.


Slack (free) — Tiny Speck’s business team communication app Slack recently updated to version 1.5 with a bunch of new features and fixes. A new recent mentions feature delivers all important messages related to the user in real-time. Users can also now receive push notifications for all of their active teams at once.