Apps of the Week: Sago Mini Road Trip, Football Manager Handheld 2015, Deliveries 6.0 + more


Apps of the Week: Sago Mini Road Trip, Football Manager Handheld 2015, Deliveries 6.0 + more

New Games

Sago Mini Road Trip ($3) — Sago Sago’s latest game, Sago Mini Road Trip, lets children take an adventurous — but leisurely-paced — drive with Sago’s Jinja the cat. Sago Mini Road Trip slightly expands on the usual concept of Sago Sago’s games, letting kids pack a suitcase and pick which vehicle they want to drive across a road filled with bridges, puddle, mud holes, and more. You can stop and fill your gas tank or get your car washed on the way, as well. After a short trip, you’ve reached a friend, and it’s time to start the journey again, if you wish. It’s simple stuff, but the variety of cars — and the unexpected ability to make your car fly — could keep younger children coming back for more play.

Football Manager Handheld 2015 ($10) — Sega’s Football Manager returns for the 2015 season, allowing users to take on the role of managing their favorite real-life club. Players must manage transfers and tactics, and take charge from the touchline on match days, and this year’s version provides a new 2D Match Engine with improved realism, a new Scouting Agency to monitor the top-ranked players, more detailed club stats, world rankings, and a manager achievements page that lets you keep track of your trophies and accolades. A new in-game editor is also available as an optional in-app purchase that lets users change game parameters in mid-career to simulate different scenarios.


Apps of the Week: Sago Mini Road Trip, Football Manager Handheld 2015, Deliveries 6.0 + more

Deliveries ($5) — Junecloud’s versatile package tracking app gets a major update with a whole list of new features that will make it even more indispensable for those who frequently need to track shipments. iOS 8 support adds a Today Extension so you can see the status of all of your pending shipments more easily, and you can even swipe away a notification to archive a shipment record without having to open the app. The delivery entry screen has been sped up, and now includes a button to open the built-in barcode scanner more quickly, and you can even add new deliveries directly from Safari using the new iOS 8 Sharing Extension. Other new features include 1Password integration for filling in passwords, dynamic type support, improvements to iCloud support, and a redesigned look and feel.

Apps of the Week: Sago Mini Road Trip, Football Manager Handheld 2015, Deliveries 6.0 + more

Evernote (free) — The popular note-taking app gets an update that adds full support for the company’s new Work Chat feature, allowing users to easily share notebooks and notes with other Evernote users right inside the app, complete with control over viewing and editing permissions. It’s also now possible to collaborate in group chats while viewing and editing notes. The latest version also improves the iOS 8 Today Extension by adding a list of recently viewed notes.

OmniFocus 2 for iPhone ($20) — The Omni Group’s latest update to its iPhone productivity app for power users brings the user interface more in-line with that of the new iPad version, and adds Interactive Notifications so users can swipe alert notifications to mark tasks complete without needing to open the app. Users can also now specify estimate durations for actions, export databases directly from the iPhone app, take advantage of new built-in perspectives, and “snooze” alerts to return later.

Square Register (free) — The eponymous mobile payment app gets worldwide support, and works now even in countries without integrated Square card processing. Currency support has now been dramatically increased as a result as well, with over 130 currencies now available in the app.

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