Apps of the Week: The Met, Iconic, Infinity Blade 1.4 + more

New Apps

Apps of the Week: The Met, Iconic, Infinity Blade 1.4 + more

The Met (free) — The country’s largest art museum, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, has released its own official app — The Met. A great starting point for visiting the museum, the app lets users browse listings of current exhibitions and daily events. Museum admission, membership, and event tickets can all be purchased from the app, as well. Though it’s best for visitors, The Met will likely be of interest to many art fans, as the attractive app lets users learn about highlighted works. Now it just needs a museum map.

Star Walk Kids ($3) — Following the recent release of Star Walk 2, Vito Technology has released Star Walk Kids, a new version of the astronomy guide just for kids. You can tell the difference from the get-go, as his version has a simpler, cartoonish style. The children’s app also comes with short animated films and voice narration.
Apps of the Week: The Met, Iconic, Infinity Blade 1.4 + more

New Games

Angry Birds Stella (free) — Another month, another Angry Birds release.

Angry Birds Stella introduces a number of new birds with new powers to Rovio’s universe of fowl, led by the pink Stella. As with most AB games, this is more of the same, with a few twists and variations. If you’re still entertained by the Birds, there’s no reason not to download this title.

Eagle Simulator ($1) — Released just a few weeks ago, Eagle Simulator aims to let players live the life of a bald eagle. You can soar around a 3D environment, hunt, engage in battles, and find a mate with which to start your own flock. With no in-app purchases or ads, Eagle Simulator is an interesting title aimed at gamers looking for something different.

Iconic (free) — Iconic from Flow Studio is an eye-catching new free game with a simple, cute design. The game gives you picture clues from one of a few categories — music, movies, or people — and you have to fill in the blanks.

Users can also share the visual puzzles on Facebook and view Wikipedia entries for solved puzzles, which is a nice touch. It’s simple fun that some people will really enjoy, but we found it far too easy to entertain us for very long.

Mikey Boots ($2) — Mikey’s back! The boy with the concerned face returns for another side-scroller from BeaverTap Games, this time with jet boots. Mikey and his new female partner can fly through 42 levels and earn 230 different disguises. MFi controller support is also included. The Mikey series has given us some of the best iOS side-scrollers, and Mikey Boots looks like another fun hit.


Infinity Blade III ($6) — Chair Entertainment Group has released the final chapter for Infinity Blade III in version 1.4 — Kingdom Come. The game’s conclusion features five new enemies, six new treasure maps, and 25 new items as Siris finally approaches Dragoor.