Aspyr releases iQuiz Maker; Apple offers quiz pack tutorial


Mac game publisher Aspyr has released iQuiz Maker, a new Mac OS X application that allows users to easily create custom quizzes for the new iQuiz iPod game. “iQuiz Maker lets you write your own True or False and multiple choice questions and choose themes to customize the look of your quiz. Add a new group, add a quiz, type in your questions, select your answers—even write the messages players see when they win or lose. You can have your own quiz up and running in minutes. And when you’re done, you can save your quiz and share it with friends.” In addition, Apple has posted detailed instructions on how to create iQuiz packs from scratch. “If you want to go above and beyond what iQuiz Maker has to offer, you can create your own quizzes using a simple .txt file, game tags, and a set of custom .tga images,” says Apple.

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