AT&T memo touts record-breaking iPhone 3GS launch

An internal AT&T memo published by MacDailyNews claims that the June 19th launch of the iPhone 3GS was record-breaking for the company in a number of ways. The memo states the launch was its “best-ever sales day” and second-largest traffic day in its retail stores, accounted for the most transactions ever processed and most upgrade eligibility checks in a single day, and was the largest order day and feature sales day in history. The memo goes on to state that sales on 3GS launch day exceeded those of the iPhone 3G’s launch day by noon Central Time, and the company sustained its previous peak hour record, also set in 2008, for 11 straight hours. Apple announced last week that it sold over a million iPhone 3GS units over the launch weekend, although it is unknown how many of those were sold in the U.S. or by AT&T.

  1. And conversely, the year Apple opens the iPhone to other carriers in the US (presumably Verizon once their LTE network is set up) AT&T will have the day that 80% or so of its iPhone customers leave in mass exodus.

  2. Can someone let me know the itune app that when you put the iphone up to a song playing it will tell you the name of the song.

  3. #4 i dwnld SHAZAM. It wrks nicely.
    AT&T, instead of touting bout how many u sold, how bout touting MMS is coming next week. Its a given ur gonna sell iphones its the best phone ever stop inhibiting it frm being so.

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