AT&T sends notices to jailbreak tethering users

AT&T has started sending both text message and email notices to iPhone users who are using jailbreak apps to enable tethering, letting them know that AT&T is aware of their unauthorized usage. ModMyi reports that the message states simply, “Did you know tethering your Smartphone to a computer requires a tethering plan? Pls call 888-860-6789 for details or visit,” while the email is considerably more detailed. Starting by saying that “We’ve noticed your service plan may need updating,” the email goes on to explain its tethering feature, and then notes, “[o]ur records show that you use this capability, but are not subscribed to our tethering plan.”

It goes on to list ways to get in touch with the company to activate tethering, and explains the charges associated with the feature, before stating, “If we don’t hear from you, we’ll plan to automatically enroll you into DataPro 4GB after March 27, 2011. The new plan – whether you sign up on your own or we automatically enroll you – will replace your current smartphone data plan, including if you are on an unlimited data plan. If you discontinue tethering, no changes to your current plan will be required.” AT&T spokesperson Seth Bloom confirmed the campaign to Phone Scoop via email, saying, “We’ve just begun sending letters, emails, and text messages to a small number of smartphone customers who use their devices for tethering but aren’t on our required tethering plan. Our goal here is fairness for all of our customers.” [via Cult of Mac]

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