August adds Motion Detection, Video Recording to Doorbell Cam

August has released an update for its Doorbell Cam adding promised support for motion detection and cloud-based video recording. Available via an iOS app update, the new version also offers a few other enhancements such as the ability to disable “Low Power Mode,” which can improve camera responsiveness, but may result in buzzing or humming from the doorbell chime as the Doorbell Cam continues to draw power rather than waking up on demand. With the new version, motion sensitive can be adjusted and motion notifications can be enabled, which will let you know when somebody is at your door regardless of whether they choose to ring the doorbell or not, and automatically record video whenever any motion is detected. The new August Video Recording service, now available as a free public beta trial, saves video clips recorded by the Doorbell Cam, allowing them to be reviewed at a later time directly from the in-app activity feed.
Pricing for August Video Recording has not yet been announced, although the company notes that it will remain free during the public beta period, after which a 30-day free trial will still be available for early adopters. More information on the new service can be found in the company’s FAQ.

Notably, this update does not yet include the previously announced iOS 10 HomeKit support for the August Doorbell Cam, although the company notes that their own app is iOS 10 compatible, and they are working with Apple to have the August Smart Lock fully compatible with the iOS 10 Home app “in the coming weeks.”


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