August adds Visual Notifications for Doorbell Cam + more

August has released an update to the iOS app for its Smart Lock and Doorbell Cam, adding visual lock screen notifications for the Doorbell Cam as well as several other improvements for the Smart Lock and Smart Keypad. Although promised HomeKit support for the Doorbell Cam has yet to materialize, users of the August app will be able to access image preview alerts directly from the notification on their iPhone or iPad lock screen to they can quickly determine who is at the door without having to unlock their iPhone or wait for the August app to open. Although users will be unable to take any action from the Lock Screen without full HomeKit support, a “View” button provides the ability to open the August app to view the Doorbell cam live feed directly and choose to respond via the intercom or unlock an associated August Smart Lock.
Users of the August Smart Lock can now enable contextual alerts related to the August Auto-Unlock feature that will provide them with real-time updates such as when Auto-Unlock is triggered and actively communication with the August Smart Lock, or when they leave the “neighbourhood” around their home. The August Smart Keypad has also been updated to support temporary or recurring entry codes, so that users can provide weekly access for a house cleaner or temporary access to a neighbour while on vacation. Temporary codes will expire automatically after a specified time period, while recurring entry codes will allow access only during a specific weekly recurring time period.


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