Aurora Feint debuts 2 new Aurora Feint II series games

Aurora Feint has revealed to iLounge that it is releasing two new games for the iPhone and iPod touch based on its most recent title, Aurora Feint II: The Arena. Aurora Feint II: The Beginning is a budget-priced upgrade to the original, free Aurora Feint title, Aurora Feint: The Beginning, including new and improved mining game play with new visuals and sound, asynchronous real time chat in the Tavern area for sharing tips, strategies, and experiences with other players, and Facebook-style player profiles and “walls” where other players can leave comments and challenges, which in turn become events in the Tavern. These social networking features were previously seen in the company’s Aurora Feint II: The Arena, which offers a similar style of game play but does so by letting users play against “ghosts” of other players that persist in the game even when the ghost’s player is not actually using his/her device.

Also available will be Aurora Feint II: The Tower Puzzles. This separate title will offer more than 30 “match three” strategy puzzles arranged in increasing levels of difficulties to take the player to the top of the tower. Some puzzles will present a certain number of moves with which the player must clear the screen of all blocks, and “Instapop” strategy elements without which the final levels cannot be cleared. In addition, the game will offer emaIl-based friend challenges. Aurora Feint II: The Tower Puzzles is available now for $1, while Aurora Feint II: The Beginning is expected to be available on December 25 for $1. Those prices are good through New Year’s Day, at which point they will increase to $2 and $3, respectively.

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