Australian iTMS coming next month; Two labels unsigned

Forbes reports that Apple plans to launch an Australian iTunes Music Store early next month, but that the company is still trying to reach an agreement with two of the four major record labels to offer their music in the country.

“Apple is working to expand iTunes and plans to open up an Australian version of its iTunes online music store Oct. 3, according to people familiar with the negotiations,” Forbes reports. “But how much music the store will have for sale is an open question. Of the world’s four major music labels, only two—EMI Group and Vivendi’s Universal Music Group—have agreements to sell their music on the site so far. Warner Music Group and Sony BMG Music, a joint venture between Sony and Bertelsmann, have yet to sign on with Apple, which has been rumored since last spring to have plans to launch the site.”

The same two companies are also the holdouts at Apple’s recently opened iTunes Music Store in Japan.

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