Swarmcast has announced its Autobahn Accelerator for iTunes, a program the company claims can reduce wait times on iTunes Store downloads by up to 90 percent. The program is based on Swarmcast’s multi-source streaming technology, which provides “more reliable delivery of high quality content by streaming different pieces of music or video files from multiple sources at the same time.” “With more feature-length movies, TV shows and an ever-increasing number of songs available via iTunes alone, internet music and video are becoming a daily part of our lives. Unfortunately, waiting for content to download is also becoming a fact of life,” said Justin Chapweske, founder and CEO of Swarmcast. “We’re cutting down the waiting times so people can enjoy their content when they want and where they want.” The Autobahn Accelerator for iTunes is a free download and is available for users with Windows 2000, XP, and 32-bit Vista, running IE 6 , 7, or Firefox. A Mac OS X-compatible version is planned.

Charles Starrett

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