Two weeks after its initial release, Disney has released a major update to Avengers Origins: Assemble adding a new mini-game to the storybook app. Designed to provide readers with an introduction to the Marvel Super Heroes, Avengers Origins: Assemble tells the story of Captain America’s rescue from a frozen wasteland by the other Avengers and the assembling of the Avengers to defend the Earth from evil. Version 2.0 introduces a new 3D third-person-view mini-game that allows the player to choose their favourite Mighty Avenger and battle to save the Earth from the attacks of Namor and the Atlanteans. Players can test their skills across three exciting stages with three individual levels of difficulty and awards and eight achievement badges. Players can play as Captain America, Iron Man, Thor or Black Widow; The Hulk is also available for users who have installed the latest version of Avengers Origins: Hulk on their device. Avengers Origins: Assemble is a universal app and is available from the App Store for $6.


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