Avko releases Feed The Penguin

Avko Labs has released Feed The Penguin, a new logic game featuring unique, original artwork drawn using brushes and special painting techniques. The game puts the player in the role of a penguin who lives in a six-room flat and must solve logic problems in order to get fish, biscuits, strawberry ice cream and sausages.

To solve the puzzles players plot the penguin’s path by adjusting a curve to collect all of the food items while avoiding obstacles such as boots, towels, teapots, cockroaches and spiders. Each level also includes three light bulbs that players are challenged to light up by passing over with the penguin in order to unlock the next room of levels.

The game provides six rooms consisting of 20 levels each, for a total of 120 levels. Feed The Penguin is currently available from the App Store in a Premium version for $1; a free, three-room version is also expected to be released soon.