Award-winning farming RPG ‘Stardew Valley’ now available on iOS

ConcernedApe’s very popular Stardew Valley is the latest blockbuster game to have made the transition from PC to iOS, with a fully-functional, touch-optimized version of the game now available on the App Store. Stardew Valley is an extremely detailed simulation and RPG game that tasks players with working to make a small farm into a success by planting crops, raising animals, and selling goods, but provides a plethora of activities beyond that, ranging from fighting monsters to mining and fishing along with engaging in social activities with nearby townspeople. While the idea of a farming sim may sound rather pedestrian, the award-winning game has become a huge success by offering engaging gameplay that can occupy players for hundreds of hours in figuring out various strategies. The iOS version of Stardew Valley is not a scaled-down version either, with the developer noting that it “plays almost identically to all the other versions, but [adds] touch-based controls suitable for the iPhone and iPad.” [via MacRumors]

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