Bad Elf debuts GPS for Lightning Connector

Bad Elf debuts GPS for Lightning Connector 1

Bad Elf has introduced its GPS for Lightning Connector ($130), a portable GPS device that connects to a Lightning connector to add instant GPS and GLONASS location support. Latitude, longitude, altitude, speed and tracking are provided, and the company claims accuracy to within 9 feet and support for altitudes up to 60,000 feet and speeds up to 1,000 mph.


Bad Elf’s GPS requires no Internet connection or monthly subscription, and enables Wi-Fi only devices to use full GPS-based location services, even in areas without Wi-Fi. The GPS is powered from the attached iOS device, and a micro-USB cable is included for passthrough charging. The GPS for Lightning Connector is expected to ship sometime in November.

  1. $130? You can buy a full featured Garmin or similar GPS device for less for your car. You can buy a full featured handheld for less as well. Good idea since Apple likes to skip out on including GPS with non-cellular hardware, but the pricing is ridiculous, particularly considering that the hardware to provide such functionality is a few dollars in cost (one of the reasons I find Apple’s refusal to add it to non-celluar devices such a crock).

  2. Not only the cost, but that Lightning protrusion is just [i]begging[/i] to be snapped off since there is no lateral support while connected the iOS device. Pass.

  3. This is obviously aimed at the aviation market, in which case $130 is peanuts. All the apps worth using cost several hundred $$$.

  4. @3: Well, if it were peanuts, why not just spend the $129 for a cellular equipped iPad and get the GPS included or use an iPhone. The only device you can’t get GPS on for $130 from Apple is the touch.

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