Basic hack developed for iPod nano 6G

A developer has figured out a way to hack the sixth-generation iPod nano. Developer and hacker James Whelton has figured out a way to boot the nano with a modified files by bypassing the device’s cache comparison routines, which has allowed him to remove one of the device’s “apps” and create a blank space, something that’s possible on jailbroken iOS devices. According to his blog, Whelton is hoping that the discovery will allow the hacking community to figure out a way to “jailbreak” the nano, but Whelton himself said he is currently focused on exposing some of the currently hidden features of the device, and stressed that he doesn’t want his progress so far to be “blown out of proportion.” Notably, the sixth-generation doesn’t actually run iOS, but instead uses a modified version of the prior iPod nano OS which has been updated to offer a user interface experience similar to that of an iOS device. [via Macstories]

Charles Starrett

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