BeLight releases Live Home 3D for iOS

BeLight Software has brought its popular Live Home 3D home and interior design app to the iPhone and iPad. The iOS version of the app brings the whole range of powerful features for designing and decorating your home layout onto Apple’s mobile platform, and goes a step further by leveraging ARKit 2 and iOS 12 to not only give users the ability to view their house in a real-world environment via augmented reality, but even allow for multiuser AR experiences, allowing users to observe their home setting together on different devices, and from different angles, and the ability to share AR layouts using the USDZ file format.

BeLight releases Live Home 3D for iOS

All of the familiar tools and features of Live Home 3D have also been adapted for touchscreen devices to provide for a more streamlined workflow.

Intuitive building tools enhanced by multitouch gestures and Apple Pencil support allow users to draw detailed floor plans, and even take advantage of an adjustable two-dimensional side Elevation view — a first in an iOS app. The illustrative 3D mode helps users make more details furniture arrangements and even play with different colors and textures using a natural drag-and-drop workflow, and brightness and colors of light sources can be adjusted to set up realistic lighting scenes for either day or night environments, and even choose the precise geographic location of the house to achieve natural lighting. In addition to the unique USDZ AR file support, users can also export floor plans and 3D views in JPEG, TIFF, PNG, BMP, or even 360-degree Panorama JPEG file formats.

Individual objects and rooms can also be exported as 3D models for use in other apps, and camera paths can be set up to record a variety of video walkthroughs.

Live Home 3D for iOS is available as a free download from the App Store that will allow users to create a single project. Users can upgrade the free app to either the standard ($10) or pro ($20) versions at a 50 percent launch discount.