Belkin and Chargifi team up to provide remote management for wireless charging deployments

Chargifi, a market leading company in cloud management of wireless charging technology, has announced that it is partnering up with Belkin to integrate its smart technology into Belkin’s Boost Up Wireless Charging Spot. Chargifi, which is undertaking a mission to create a world in which power is as ubiquitous as Wi-Fi, has developed smart technology that enables two-way communication between wireless charging hardware and its own cloud management platform, allowing businesses and other organizations with multiple charging spots to access a dashboard that provides analytics and insights on customer behaviour, along with the health and status of the charging spots located throughout a building or campus network. Chargifi’s technology enables Belkin’s wireless charging hardware to be more effectively used in business environments such as restaurants, coffee shops, and hotels, with the ability to enhance the end-user experience for customers, employees and guests by ensuring that all charging points are working properly and even offering the ability to run diagnostics and fix issues remotely, thereby reducing maintenance costs, while monitoring charger use patterns can help businesses identify opportunities for improving customer experiences.

Dan Bladen, CEO and co-founder of Chargifi, notes that “Smart wireless charging is doing for power what Wi-Fi did for connectivity, and soon wireless charging will be as ubiquitous as Wi-Fi. We have joined forces with the global leader in wireless charging to give businesses the best opportunity to deploy effectively at scale, while monetizing a service that is much in demand. We are taking wireless charging to the next level, using it as a trigger-point that enhances customer experience adding real value to businesses.”

A spokesperson from Belkin International adds: “We continue to focus on delivering a seamless, convenient, and optimal mobile power experience to the consumer. Our dedication to people-inspired design and quality from user testing and prototyping to regulatory compliance and manufacturing maintains our global leadership in wireless charging. And with the added functionality of Chargifi’s technology, we are excited to deliver enhanced services to hospitality, retail and enterprise environments.”

Belkin’s Chargifi enabled products are expected to be available in March.


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