Belkin announces Bluetooth Dock Adapter for iPod

Cosmetically based upon the company’s recently-released TuneStage 2 wireless home stereo kit, Belkin’s new Bluetooth Dock Adapter for iPod ($130, March) combines an iPod-mounted Bluetooth 2.0+EDR transmitter with a unique receiver that can be connected to virtually any iPod-ready, Dock Connecting audio accessory, such as a speaker dock. With the Adapter, you can walk over 30 feet away from the speakers while still holding your iPod and using its controls to navigate music; the Bluetooth wireless connection allows you to hear your music without interruption. No additional batteries are required, however, like TuneStage 2, play time is limited by your iPod’s internal battery, which will last for a maximum of 5 hours of wireless broadcasting on current models.

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