Belkin Battery Pack “Can” Charge iPod

The Belkin Battery Pack states that it will not charge the iPod, rather it will just provide power to the iPod when you plug it in directly.  I’ve discovered that when you plug the battery pack into the dock, place the iPod on the dock, it will charge your iPod and allow it to function normally as if plugged into the adapter.

Editor’s note: Please click ‘Read more’ for an official comment from Belkin on the above discovery.
Thank you for the heads-up.  You are right, we just tested the Battery Back-up unit with the iPod with Dock Connector and IT IS charging it.  According to our product managers this behavior will happen. It is an issue with the way that Apple implemented their accessory detection scheme.

Basically the iPod can only recognize one accessory attached to the FireWire connector. In this case the accessory is the Docking Stand. When the Battery Pack is attached to the Dock the iPod does not see the Battery Packs identification so it cannot disable its own charging circuit.

In order for Apple’s accessory detection scheme to be fool proof, no accessory can have the male and female connectors.

This will not harm the iPod in any way so it is safe to continue using it.

John Soriano
Sr. Sales Representative
Belkin Corporation

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