Belkin today announced the TunePower for Apple’s fifth-generation (video) iPod. The add-on battery pack, which ships later this month for $80, provides up to 6 hours of extra video playtime. The TunePower comes with two sleeves to fit either the 30GB or 60GB iPod, features a protective case, and includes an AC adapter for simultaneous charging and playing.
“Belkin’s new TunePower for iPod video keeps your videos and tunes playing even when the internal battery is drained,” says the iPod accessory maker. “The iPod video allows for approximately two hours of video viewing, which may not be enough to last until you reach your iPod dock. TunePower will give you this extra time so you can watch your videos, making it ideal for long flights, hikes, or for anytime you do not have access to an AC outlet.”

LC Angell

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