Belkin rolls out new cases for iPod nano 4G

Belkin has introduced its new Micra and Fuse Cases for the fourth-generation iPod nano. The Micra Glam case offers a shiny, sparkling finish by embedding glass beads inside the clear case, while the Micra Dusk case offers a smoky charcoal tint, subtly changing the color of the nano inside, and the Micra Chex case adds a white checkerboard pattern to the device. Every Micra case is made from polycarbonate, includes a ClearScreen Overlay screen protector, offers open access to all ports and controls, and sells for $20, or $25 for a 2-Pack. The Fuse Case blends a matte black polycarbonate bottom with a colorful, glossy polycarbonate top piece, adding a paint drip design on the back reminiscent of Apple’s nanochromatic advertisements. Available in pink/black, yellow/black, red/black, clear/black, purple/black, and blue/black, the Fuse Case sells for $25. Belkin’s new Fuse and Micra Cases for iPod nano 4G are available now.

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