Belkin ships TuneCast Auto Live FM transmitter

Belkin is now shipping its TuneCast Auto Live FM transmitter for the iPod and iPhone. The TuneCast Auto Live offers device charging though a vehicle’s 12-volt lighter outlet, in-line controls with an LCD display, two programmable preset buttons, and ClearScan technology that automatically scans for the clearest frequency available.

In addition, TuneCast Auto Live also features integration with Belkin’s ClearScan Live application for iPhone and iPod touch, which utilizes the iPhone 3G’s and 3GS’ GPS to find the clearest FM station based on location-based user feedback, and also allows for control of the FM transmitter and music playback. Belkin’s TuneCast Auto Live is available now in North America and sells for $80; it will be available in Europe in March and in Asia and Australia beginning in April.

For more information on the TuneCast Auto Live, see our First Look article.