With nearly 600 votes from iLounge readers, our latest poll—“Which 2010 Best of Show winner are you most excited about?”—has ended. Readers were given a choice of any of the 14 2010 CES Best of Show winners, all but three of which came from different companies, including a wide range of products such as apps, cases, earbuds, and other accessories.

Case-Mate’s custom case designing platform iMakeMyCase.com was the overwhelming winner, capturing 37% of the vote, followed by the innovative Parrot AR.Drone, a remote quadricopter controlled via an iPhone app, with 19% of the vote. Voting was much closer among the remaining winners, with the Speck See-Thru Satin for iPhone 3G + 3GS receiving 7% of the vote, the iHome + Sleep App and iHome iP2 tied with 6% of the vote each, and the iHome iA100, JayBird BlueBuds, and Scosche Bluetooth Plug-and-Play Handsfree and Streaming Audio Car Kit all receiving 5% each. The XtremeMac TuffWrap Accent received 3% of the vote, Incpio’s Dotties Case, the Just Mobile Xtand Go, and Vestalife’s new Earphone Range all received 2% a piece, and the Dexim Power Case for iPod nano and Maximo iM-790 headphones received 1% each. Thanks for all your votes!

Our new poll focuses on Apple’s upcoming tablet. We’d like to know whether or not you will purchase the tablet if it requires you to sing up for cellular data service. Will you buy it regardless of the pricing of the plan, or only if the pricing and data service terms are reasonable? Or perhaps you’ll only buy it if it’s Wi-Fi only, or maybe you’re just not interested in it no matter what the features and services might be? Our new poll, “Will you buy the Apple tablet if it requires you to sign up for a cellular data service plan?” lets you answer that question. You can find the iLounge Poll in the left-hand column of the main iLounge.com home page. Cast your vote today!

Charles Starrett

Charles Starrett was a senior editor at iLounge. He's been covering the iPod, iPhone, and iPad since their inception. He has written numerous articles and reviews, and his work has been featured in multiple publications.