Bezalel announces Prelude wireless charger with nano-suction technology

Bezalel, one of the companies that was producing wireless charging solutions for the iPhone long before native support arrived, has announced its latest wireless charging product, the Prelude. The unique new 15-watt mobile wireless charger features nano-suction technology that lets you attach it securely to your iPhone while on the go, addressing a problem common to using most other mobile wireless chargers while on the go. The Prelude is fully mobile, with an internal 5000 mAh battery packed into a 17 mm form factor that weighs only five ounces, and can also be recharged wirelessly via another Qi-compatible wireless charger, making it an entirely wire-free solution on both ends. The new Prelude Wireless Charger is available on Kickstarter for pre-order for $39 for the first 700 orders, and then $49 thereafter until the campaign ends on Oct. 28.

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