Boomwave launches Bearaphim, Diablo cases for iPod classic, nano 3G


Boomwave has announced its new Bearaphim and Diablo Spectrum cases for the iPod nano (with video), and its Diablo case for iPod classic. Bearaphim cases for the iPod nano sport a design that mixes teddy bear-like ears and angel-style wings in one of three colors — red, black, or pink. Diablo Spectrum cases are also available in red, black, or pink, and feature ornamental “horns” and a matching tail. The Diablo case for iPod classic features a similar design, and is available in black or white. All three cases are made from high grade silicone, offer access to the iPod’s controls and ports, and include both a screen protector and a neck strap with an aluminum hook. Boomwave Bearaphim and Diablo Spectrum cases for the iPod nano (with video) sell for $16 each, while the Diablo for iPod classic retails for $20; all three are available now.

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