Brazilian iPhone 4 confirmed, photographed

Photos of a Brazilian-built 8GB iPhone 4 have appeared online, confirming a report that Apple was making handsets there. Citing an unnamed reader, MacMagazine (Translated Link) reports that Foxconn’s factory in Jundiai, São Paulo, Brazil has been making iPhones for over a month, and that the photos supplied by the reader depict one such unit.

The white iPhone 4 in the photos appears to be identical to current units, save for a change in the regulatory text at the bottom rear. While it still says “Designed by Apple in California,” that is followed by “Industria Brasileira”—which translates to “Brazilian Industry”—instead of the usual “Assembled in China”.

In addition, it carries the logo of ANATEL, Brazil’s telecommunications agency. It is currently unclear when customers might start to receive handsets built in Brazil, or to which markets such handsets might ship.