Breakout Boost adds Valentine’s Booster Pack


Atari has released an update to Breakout: Boost adding a new Valentine’s Day themed level pack available via in-app purchase. Breakout: Boost is a universal iOS adaptation of Atari’s classic arcade brick breaking game, expanding the original concept with enhanced graphics and deeper gameplay features such as unique power-ups and special brick types. The new pack celebrates Valentine’s Day with 50 new romance-themed levels incorporating brick layouts with candy heart sayings and cute pictures. The new pack also includes a special Cupid’s Arrow power up and a new set of achievements. Breakout: Boost is a universal app requiring iOS 4.1 or later and is available in two versions: Breakout: Boost (free) provides five original levels with over 250 more available via in-app purchase in levels packs for $1 each; Breakout Boost+ ($1) provides the same features as the free version with 100 levels included. The Valentine’s Booster Pack is available as a separate in-app purchase for either version for $1.

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