Briox launches Riversip Technology News Reader


Briox has launched Riversip Technology News, a new iPhone and iPod touch application designed to help users easily stay on top of major tech news in a stress-free way. Designed for busy and on-the-go consumers and professionals, the app focuses on efficient news consumption by bringing the reader up-to-date on the biggest news items the user may have missed rather than focusing on traditional content discovery or real-time news streams. Riversip’s main goal is to update the reader on the major headlines of interest and then allow the user to drill down and explore further if desired, adapting the flow of news for quick consumption rather than forcing the user to follow an ongoing stream of updates. Key features include summaries of major tech news prioritized by prominence, the ability to view important items in a given time perspective, adaptability to a user’s source preferences and social graph to provide the most relevant results and grouping of social chatter to focus on the news at hand. Users can also view expanded coverage for each item, customize a list of desired topics to focus on and search for and share items from within the app. Riversip Technology News is available from the App Store as a free download.

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