BTI debuts U-Link, Tunestir 2, and FM Transmitter for nano

In a meeting with iLounge editors this afternoon, Battery Technology Incorporated revealed U-Link, Tunestir 2, and FM Transmitter for iPod nano, a new series of accessories slated to appear over the next month. We apologize for the graininess of the photos below (and larger versions in View Photos), which were snapped during the meeting; higher-quality images are en route.

imageU-Link is a “versatile adaptor” designed for “connecting old iPod accessories to iPod nano.” Planned for imminent release at a $20 price point, U-Link plugs into a nano’s headphone and Dock Connector ports, and according to the company will enable any top-mounting accessory for 3G, 4G, or mini iPods to work on the nano. BTI claims to have tested numerous accessories with U-Link without incident.

imageTunestir 2 is an upgraded version of the company’s $60 all-in-one FM radio tuner, FM transmitter and in-line remote control, currently specifically designed for use with iPod nano. BTI promises that Tunestir 2’s radio quality has been dramatically improved with a new antenna, and its controls have been simplified with two simple switches and a power button. The unit’s industrial design has been changed, as well, with sleeker curves and a glossier finish.

imageFM Transmitter for iPod nano offers a unique solution to the challenges that have faced nano transmitter developers: it mounts a LCD tuning screen and button controls on the nano’s back, and uses a spine-like design that runs from nano’s bottom to its top. We’re awaiting further details on pricing. Larger pictures are available at View Photos, below.

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