Bubbles now free, adds new purchasable bubble sets

Hog Bay Software has released an update to Bubbles making the application available for free and selling additional bubble sets via in-app purchase. Bubbles is an entertainment app designed for toddlers that allows the touchscreen to be used to manipulate and pop virtual soap bubbles as they float around the screen. Version 3.0 adds new bubble sets such as Fall Leaves, Balloons and more, each available as additional in-app purchases for $1. A 1-2-3 tap gesture is used to purchase new sets or switch between existing ones to allow toddlers to continue using the app without inadvertently triggering the controls; the bubble set list feature can also be disabled completely from the iOS Settings app. Bubbles 3.0 is a universal app, requires iOS 4.0 or later and is available from the App Store as a free download.

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