BulletFlight app uses iPhone to aid rifle accuracy

Runaway Technology has released BulletFlight, a new application for the iPhone and iPod touch that helps gun users take more accurate shots. Users can input current weather conditions and distance, while the accelerometer measures angles to the target, providing detailed solutions up to 2000 meters. The app uses environmental calculations based on the Sierra Bullets model, features built-in profiles for the M110 semi-automatic rifle, the 14.5-inch SR16 rifle, and KAC PDW rifles, and allows the user to modify those profiles, as well as add new ones. In addition, it provides the number of clicks one needs to change the scope by for the current range and wind speed, instead of outputting information in a table format like other ballistic computer apps. BulletFlight is available now for the iPhone and iPod touch and sells for $12. [via Telegraph]

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