Bump Technologies launches Bump 3.0

Bump Technologies has released Bump 3.0, a major overhaul of its popular inter-device sharing app for the iOS and Android platforms. Designed to simplify sharing of common information between mobile users, Bump allows iOS and Android device users to share information such as contacts and photos with each other simply by bumping the two devices together.

With Bump 3.0, the company has undertaken a major redesign of the application and platform with the goal of making in-person device-to-device interactions faster, simpler and more powerful. The new version is now tightly focused on sharing contact information in social settings and sharing of photos with close friends and family, with many of the less-used information types such as calendar appointments, music and apps having been removed from the app to make it simpler, faster and more intuitive.

Bump 3.0 introduces a completely redesigned navigation system, replacing the old iOS home screen styled layout with a simplified swipe-able layer that allows users to quickly switch between different functions while remaining ready to bump with no additional activation steps required. The new version also emphasizes the mutual friend discovery feature introduced in version 2.0 by automatically showing a list of all mutual friends in address books and on social networks each time a user bumps with someone new, helping to highlight previously unknown social connections.