BusinessWeek: Apple’s iPod season looms

The lack of major iPod announcements this year has Apple watchers speculating on new product introductions—from updated iPod nanos to an iPhone—which they see happening in the coming weeks. BusinessWeek notes that the only new iPod released this year has been a slight revision of the special edition U2 iPod, and that Apple is known for its Fall special events for new products. “It isn’t as if Apple has been idle. The company focused throughout most of 2006 on its Macintosh computer line, completing the transition to using microprocessors from Intel,” the publication reports. “And then there’s history. Last year, the iPod nano debuted on Sept. 7 and the video-capable iPod bowed on Oct. 12, a schedule that made both products strong players in the fourth calendar quarter… Analysts generally agree: There’s no way Apple is going to sit out the fall quarter.”

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