Buzz of the day is an Apple Event

Today marks the day Apple could change the face of downloading music.

The news agencies are buzzing with new articles published about the rumored new Apple service.

Here’s a handy list of links to articles:

  • “Apple to Unveil Music Service: Online offering faces a greater marketing task due to court decision in favor of free networks” Los Angeles Times (free registration required)
  • “Apple to take byte out of piracy: New online music service touted to reduce music piracy” Vancouver Sun
  • “Taking it online: After years of digital piracy by consumers, the music industry is teaming up with Internet firms to get its share on downloads” Boston Globe
  • “Can Apple Get Music Lovers To Pay?” CBS News
  • “Apple Said to Be Entering E-Music Fray With Pay Service” New York Times
  • “Apple plans foray into contentious online music sector” International Herald Tribune
  • “Apple’s Making Serious Music” Silicon Valley
  • “Milestone day in life for Apple Computer: Online music offering may be industry lifeline” The Herald UK
  • “Apple to start musical service” San Francisco Chronicle
  • “Apple music service to go live”
  • “Apple music download ‘walkman of age’” Macworld UK
  • “Everyone agrees, Apple will announce music service today” MacUser
  • .