Camera+ update resurrects VolumeSnap

Tap tap tap has released an update to its popular Camera+ app for iOS, bringing back the ability to use the volume button to take photos from within the app. Camera+ was originally cast into the spotlight last year when the developer attempted to sneak in the ability to use the hardware volume button as a shutter control after having Camera+ rejected by Apple for openly including this feature and using “iPhone volume buttons in a non-standard way, potentially resulting in user confusion.” Tap tap tap resubmitted the application with a hidden preference for advanced users to manually enable the feature, but unfortunately once discovered, the application was removed from the App Store and did not return until several months later in an update that removed the hardware volume button feature entirely.

Despite Apple’s prior claims of potential “user confusion” arising from this feature, iOS 5 introduced the ability to use the hardware volume button as a shutter control in the built-in Camera app. This presumably opened the doors for Tap tap tap to release an updated version of Camera+ bringing back the original “VolumeSnap” feature from last year.

The latest version, Camera+ 2.4VS seems to have been released expressly for this purpose and is available from the App Store for $1 or as a free update for current users.