Canadian Copyright Board approves iPod levy

The Copyright Board of Canada has released its decision on the application of a private copying levy to iPods and removable memory storage cards, including the popular SD format. Backing the levy is the Canadian Private Copyright Collective (CPCC), while the Canadian Storage Media Alliance and Retail Council of Canada are both against it, arguing that the Federal Court has struck struck down a previous levy on digital audio recorders as being outside the Copyright Act. Despite this earlier ruling, the Copyright Board has sided with the CPCC, and in fact stated that the levy might possibly expand to cover items such as cell phones and computers as well.

“CSMA expressed misgivings about the possibility that cellular phones and computers might end up being leviable,” the decision states. “We see no inherent problem with this scenario. A thing that is ordinarily used by individual consumers to make private copies should not be excluded from the private copying regime for the sole reason that it has other uses.  Indeed, all media that are currently subject to the levy can be used for purposes other than private copying.” The entire 41-page decision is available online (PDF Link).

  1. P2P networks are legal in Canada? Damn, and here I was, feeling all happy and proud because I thought I was getting away with something, sticking it to the RIAA/MPAA. BTW, P2P networking is legal everywhere…as long as you can get away with it.

  2. Once again, I’m embarassed to be associated with this country, when this is the kind of BS it spews from the depths of irrationality.

    Why can’t these people just roll over and die already.

  3. Pathetic. Tax any idea that is popular. I am waiting for the RIAA to stop me on the street and demad that I prove where I got my music.

  4. P2P networking is legal in the US too, the only thing that is illegal is what is shared. Examples of legal P2P, torrents of Linux distros.

  5. well not technically it’s illegal, according to the website December posted it’s okay to make your own copy and to download stuff from the internet, but uploading it on the web is against the law. kinda weird, but whatever.

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