Capdase intros iPod armband, Remote skin

Capdase has introduced a new iPod armband and a silicone protector for Apple’s iPod Remote.

pic The company’s Multi-Functional Carrier ($9.50) is a fully adjustable silicone armband that has a plastic cradle clip and a metal “wing” closure (similar to the bracelets from expensive watches, according to Capdase) to “ensure a comfortable fit for any size arms and to hold it secure during active activities.” It’s available in white or black for 20GB and 40GB 4G iPods and 40GB and 60GB iPod photos.

pic Capdase’s Soft Skin for the iPod Remote ($9.40) is made of durable silcone and “protects your beautiful Apple iPod Remote from scratches and elements while still enables full access to all the buttons and clip of the remote.” The iPod Remote skin comes in a 4-pack of white, pink, black and blue protectors.

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