Capsule personal storage device for backing up photos and videos nearing Kickstarter goal

For those with photos and videos piling up on their devices with no end in sight, a new Kickstarter for a personal cloud storage device called the Capsule is aiming to provide a simple solution. The Capsule boasts the ability to back up photos and videos from mobile devices, social network accounts, and other devices like cameras, Go Pros and hard drives. The Capsule has no on-board storage, so it will require an external hard drive to function, but the device accumulates and organizes photos from a much wider range of sources than other devices and cloud services with no monthly fee attached.
The device recognizes people, location tags, events and even certain objects and can group photos and videos using all of that information, making it faster to find the images you want when you want them. The free accompanying app serves as the gateway to the Capsule, making the process fairly straightforward even for novice users. Multiple USB devices can be attached (using a USB hub that is also not included), providing instant remote access to any photos on attached devices. Photos taken with an iPhone’s camera app are automatically uploaded when the Capsule app is running in the background, but that feature can be tweaked to only use Wi-Fi signals to save on cellular data usage. The product hasn’t yet reached its funding goal, but early bird backer spots are still available for less than $100.

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