Carbon Audio debuts Zooka Bluetooth speaker

Carbon Audio debuts Zooka Bluetooth speaker 1

Carbon Audio has announced Zooka ($100), a distinctive new wireless Bluetooth speaker. Zooka promises to perform audio up to five times louder than the iPhone, iPad, or Mac laptop it works with, and interestingly can slide onto a laptop’s top, while a removable metal stand makes it an iPad holder, as well.

The elongated speaker comes equipped with two 30mm speaker drivers and features a 30 ft. Bluetooth range.


Zooka has a built-in microphone and a rechargeable battery that offers up to eight hours of play time. The speaker comes in eight different colors, and is available now.

  1. I purchased one of these for my wife for a gift. After charging for a day, tried to pair it with two iPhones, then two iPads. Didn”t work. Devices would locate Zooka, but would not connect. Took to Apple store and exchanged. It did connect there, but brought home and it exhibited the same search but would not pair with anything.

  2. Hi Arthur,
    Please give me a call on our Toll Free line 877538 5885 and I will be happy to help you with your issue.
    Mike M
    Customer Support Carbon Audio Inc.

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