Carbon fiber case for 5G iPod introduced

Carbon fiber case for 5G iPod introduced 1

C6 Manufacturing has announced the availability of its carbon fiber case for Apple’s fifth-generation iPod. The case features genuine aerospace carbon fiber and aluminum construction with stainless steel screws. It also comes with a clear screen protector, stainless steel belt clip and assembly tool. The carbon fiber case sells for $50 and is available in two sizes for both the 30GB and 60GB iPod.

  1. Aaaaaand ya lost me. $50? No. $30? Maybe. For $50, the case should be molded and cover the entire unit. Two plates and some screws for $50? Not so much.

  2. Wow. When the first case came out for the Nano some time back I wondered when a version for the iPod video would be available. But 50 bucks? nope. not worth it for two slabs of carbon fiber and some screws….

  3. its a nice case, but what about protection for the sides of the ipod, and the bottom and tops as well. I think that for 50 bucks, at least give us more than what tenchi211 said, two slabs and a screws, come on now

  4. neotrooper,

    don’t suppose you have some pictures of your nano with the carbon fiber case? I’m considering this case but i’d like to see mroe.


  5. “If you cant afford it, dont knock the product.”

    Oh please. It’s not a question of affording, it’s a question of being stupid enough to get ripped off to the tune of $50 for two thin plates of CF and a set of screws.

  6. i didn’t afford my mercedes, rover and lotus by wasting money on faulty products. I appreciate the value of a dollar more than that.

  7. i have the carbon-case for the nano. It is definately a thing of beauty. But like all cases, everyone has their own opinion on looks.
    I had no probs paying $39 for my nano case, and will definately pay $49 for the ipod case (to have a matching set)

    If you cant afford it, dont knock the product. Like i said, this case is not for everybody, and neither is my Mercedes.

  8. With all the complaining going on. Why doesn’t someone just buy some carbon fiber laminate, cut it down to size, screw it together and sell it for $20. Since aparently all the materials cheap and easy to aquire. I’ll buy one from you.

  9. This case reminds me of an article I read about body armor. The SWAT team got called and suffered casualties because they were blasted in the sides by shotgun fire – their protection was limited to front and back. Their new body armor stretches around completely…lesson learned. Moral – Don’t shoot your ipod with a shotgun. The spray could be devastating.

    I’m a function before fashion guy. I like my carbon fiber on my space shuttle and snowboard bindings only…or on my ipod when it’s done right. What about the sides?

  10. the side-openings havent affected the protection of my ipod at all….the carbon (top and bottom) extends a bit-as well as the corners, so the edges of the exposed ipod never make contact with anything to cause any damage or scratching.

    Dave, i have many pics..hahaha. just give me an email address, and i email you some.

  11. I will give them that it looks cool the problem with it is the fact that it does not protect enough (like the sides and that circle on the back) and also you can’t dock it and for 50 that is not worth it at all it’s just something you should buy to look nice

  12. Some of you obviously don’t understandthe concept of carbon fiber, what its made of, and how its made.

    Yes, 50 bucks is a bit much but honestly, its called trying to make a profit. Go ahead, if you have the means to make a carbon fiber cover for you ipod, go ahead.

  13. Not enough protection coverage. The defenders can defend for all they want, but for a $50 cover, I’d like to make sure that there’s good functionality. It would be nice if they made it do more than that.

    To Joei, don’t assume that we don’t understand the concept of carbon fibre, I just think that they could’ve done more to make this a better product for the same price tag.

  14. C6’s CF weave is still too goofy-looking to me; looks like it belongs on a picnic basket, not a tech device.

    BTW…I was (window) shopping for a new road bike the other day. There was one REALLY cool Scott distance racer; all carbon fiber frame, super, SUPER light.

    Reg. $3200(gag, choke); on sale at REI for ONLY $2400. Now THAT’S some expensive CF.

  15. Wow this is as bad as PC guys talking about stereo speakers for a PC rig, “you paid $100 bucks for those speakers?”. “Man I got mine for $10 bucks.” PC guys for the most part are cheapos like many of you posting.

    So, ordered the product after seeing it on iLounge and it showed up 2 days later (good sign)I knew I was taking a shot but what the heck…

    So is it worth it, YES! Looks sharp and gives a bit of heft to my nano that I like. It was also fun to build it (don’t forget to keep the tool)…

    My office mates flipped (all guys) C6 plan on some more orders…also works in my Bose…to guy who wants to build his own, you kill me!

  16. cyber, i agree with the YES/WOW factor…this is a case that definately needs to be held, and seen in person. My only worry was that i had to remove the case to dock to my speakers and universersal dock. But with all the spacers removed on the dock, the C6 goes in with no probs.

    Note to speakers users…so far in testing…C6 docks with BOSE, but not with inMotion

  17. Now that I have had it for a couple of days and using it I like it even more…the guys in the Chicago Apple store liked it also..

  18. I think it looks sweet. Carbon fiber is beautiful, especially if appreciate it from a materials science perspective. Too bad ‘The Fast and the Furious’ made everybody associate it with crappy 85hp Honda Civics.

    Side protection would be nice but I’d definitely shell out $39 for the nano case.
    Very cool.

  19. I totally agree with cyber and neo on this one. For one, these guys don’t know much about carbon fiber, and just reading about it doesn’t do justice. If they’ve ever felt pre-clearcoated carbon fiber before, it feels great. I’ve been exposed to carbon fiber rolls before (like large toilet paper rolls) used to carbon layer car bonnets (hoods) in case you can’t find a company that sells a CF hood for your car, and whoa boy, its expensive stuff and not easy to work with. You can purchase a 3mm sheet of CF just a bit larger than sheet of 8.5×11 paper and it would cost $120.

    The C6 CF cases are for fans of CF and some who are looking for a certain look or to complete a theme (CF dashboard trim, etc).

    I’m placing my order to Jason at C6 this Saturday.

  20. … also,

    I totally agree with count macula’s comment. The Fast and the Furious (more like the ‘Rice and the Riddiculous) movies series associated CF with dungy little Civics.

    CF has usually been associated with true sports cars/exotic cars, now FnF associates it with grocery-getters.

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