Case-Mate posts, removes images of ‘iPhone 5’ cases


Case-Mate has posted, and since removed, a page offering up images of what it claimed to be upcoming cases for the iPhone 5. BGR reports that the cases appear to follow speculation that the iPhone 5 will sport a totally new design, as they feature volume buttons on one side, two openings on the opposite side, large openings for a rear camera and flash, access to the sleep/wake button and headphone jack on top, and to the 30-pin port, speaker, and microphone on the bottom. While the photos themselves have since been removed, the company has left up its iPhone 4S/iPhone 5 landing page, on which it predicts the release of a wider, thinner iPhone 5 with an A5 dual-core processor, eight-megapixel camera, and wireless charging, as well as an iPhone 4S retaining the basic design of the iPhone 4 but with upgraded components, including an A5 processor and eight-megapixel camera.

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