Cases suggest redesigned iPod nano, updated touch

Some case manufacturers believe that a previously-rumored refresh of the iPod nano is imminent, and have prepared new cases, notes MacRumors. The cases, from Italian accessory maker Puro, look to fit an iPod roughly the size of a fourth or fifth-generation nano, though seemingly wider — a tremendous turnaround from the current nano, with extruded pill curves resembling the second-generation nano and long-gone iPod mini.

Rumors have suggested that this model will have an iPod touch-like but smaller touchscreen and Home Button, as well as wireless capabilities; however, no actual parts appear to have surfaced publicly to confirm the device’s existence.

Puro’s designs for the new iPod touch repeat elements found in previously-leaked cases, including a mysterious lower left hole at the bottom of the case seen in earlier case photos.

The new iPod touch’s front panel is believed to have been revealed months ago, with a 4” display as its signature feature, and the as-yet-unseen rear shell is thought to be closer to the original iPod touch’s shape. A separate 9 to 5 Mac report claims that Apple will preserve the old iPod touch—perhaps with modest tweaks, such as a new Dock Connector—alongside the new model, while radically updating the nano, and offering new iPod shuffle colors.