CBS to offer iPad-compatible online video

CBS appears to be preparing to offer iPad-compatible HTML5-based video playback on its website. Mac Rumors reports that “iPad – test” video links began to appear on the website, and clicking on these links from within the iPad Simulator—or in a browser that has its User-Agent set to identify itself as an iPad—lead to a different, non-Flash version of the video presented to standard desktop browsers.

While the report claims that the videos themselves aren’t yet working, and are prominently labeled “test” in the text, the CSS files reference HTML5 and sport a number of webkit specific calls. Webkit is the browser engine used by the iPad’s Safari browser; the report states that “fullscreen mode” is working on the iPad Simulator.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs reportedly said during a January meeting with Apple employees that few developers would be using Flash going forward as the online community focuses on HTML5 development.